RETERRA Holzrecycling Papenburg

Annually, almost 10 million tons of waste wood are generated from domestic, industrial and commercial sources. Wood waste is a highly rated secondary raw material. As an experienced recycling operator, our company takes care of acceptance, logistics, processing and delivery of different wood qualities:

  • Acceptance of all qualities by sea, rail or road
  • Sorting and processing of mixed qualities of waste wood
  • Sorting and processing of screen overflow
  • Qualities: Woodchips and wood pellets, bark mulch
  • Delivery to thermal recovery operators (heat and power stations), heat contracting
  • Delivery to material recovery operators (particle board producers)
  • Winter storage

The incineration of wood is a climate neutral process: it releases no more CO² than the plant has absorbed from the atmosphere during its growth. Any material utilisation of recycling products will improve the climate balance of this valuable resource even more.

Bulky waste, screen overflow or waste wood from industry and commerce…
…Professional recycling by RETERRA Papenburg GmbH